Monday, May 9, 2011

Representative Assembly votes in name change to NYSTEEA

On the evening of Wednesday, May 4th the epresentative Assembly voted in by 81%
to for a name change from NYSTEA to .....
New York State Technology and Engineering Educators' Association (NYSTEEA) 
There was considerable discussion on the name change, but the deciding factor was that we needed the change to give the general public a clear and distinct focus on what we do. During the debate, Joe Clayton had me look up the deinition of the word engineering:


1. The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.
2. The work done by, or the occupation of, an engineer. 

As you can see by the Blog Headline... our local association will be now known as CNYTEEA. 

Central New York Technology and Engineering Educators' Association

It was also reported that there are 2,900 Technology Education Teachers in New York State HOWEVER only 10% are members. That needs to be changed! Even though CNY has one of the largest state memberships, many of you that read this blog and receive my weekly e-mails did not join the state association. You really must join next school year, the NYSTEEA has and will be working on you behalf to keep the Middle School Mandate and to promote technology education! 

In other items of interest from the meeting was: 

Incoming NYSTEEA President Mike Fry  is intending to be very proactive and involved in Albany (his home) to push Tech Ed & maintain the mandate relief.

It was also reported that there be a STEM summer institute at Syracuse University in the works. depending on the interest and logistics a definite date will be set soon.

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