Monday, May 9, 2011

Outgoing NYSTEA State President Clark Greene - Look to the Past Toward Future Challenges

During the NYSTEA Banquet, outgoing State President, Clark Greene spoke about the events that took place immediately after the change over from Industrial Arts to Technology Education twenty five years ago. It was an extremely interesting topic to me as I entered my first year of teacher during that time... I remember it well! Here are some of the talking points of Clark's speech:

Clark Green - 25 Years of Technology Education

A look at the past toward future challenges
• 5 Key Indicators
1. Lack of unity about the mission and goals of our discipline( yesterday & today).
2. Consensus about technology education's relationship with our past (Industrial Arts)
3. Lack of a universally adopted curriculum
4. Need for critical mass of proactive teachers inside & outside of the classroom.
5. Lack of sustained support from government,  Deptartment of Education & others.

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