Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get Your Students to Participate: 2011 Student Surveys ~ Chuck Goodwin

New York State Technology Education Association 
Participate in our 2011 Middle School Student Survey 
Participate in our 2011 High School Student Survey 
THIS YEAR’s DATES – Pick one day that works for you! 

Monday - May 9th thru Friday - May 20th, 2011 

Why: This survey data will ultimately help support your own TE programs and the vital work of our association as we interface with the Board of Regents and Commissioner of Education. Our 2005, 2007, 2009 & 2010 student survey results ARE very positive and helpful. For greater validity and credibility we simply need to gather more student data.  

GoTo: www.nystea.com to find our past survey questions and results. 

When: The survey will be “HOT” and “ONLINE” for student and teacher access between  Monday May 9th Thru Friday, May 20th

Where: GoTo: www.nystea.com and the survey links, for the MS and HS will be available and easily found by going to our main web page, scroll down and click on the survey. Please be sure to stress to your MS and HS students that they select the correct link for their respective survey. 

Questions: There are 36 questions. For the HS there is one short essay question asking students to write how technology education classes have impacted them personally and with their future.  

Timeframe: This survey will take students between 15 and 28 minutes to complete. 

Strategy: If you have a full compliment of computers, in your classroom, with Internet access, then you are all set. If you don’t have adequate computers, then schedule one of your school’s computer labs on the date you can fit this survey activity into your schedule. Why not schedule it in today!! 

We all can agree Technology Education is a powerful learning experience that enables students to discover more about themselves, the relevance of their academic subjects and to become more technologically literate. The survey information can provide local and state level decision-makers with the critical data they want and need to see about what we teach.  We especially want to share this survey data with the Regents. 

Please contact Chuck Goodwin at cgnystea@stny.rr.com with any questions or concerns. 

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