Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skaneateles Technology & Engineering Program Tour

Congratulations and a big thank you to Scott Stagnitta, Rob Tuttle and Matt Slauson for their excellent presentation/tour of their Middle & High School Technology & Engineering Programs and Facilities. Unfortunately the turnout was minimal, but those who did attend were very impressed and witnessed a department that has done a magnificent job of embracing engineering, robotics while continuing production technology. The first presentation was in Scott Stagnitta's Middle School Robotics Lab, where his students work in small teams using Lego Mindstorms. He has produced a series of videos on YouTube on many of his students' projects. He also used a very cool presentation software called Prezi. It is web~based and the basic version is free.

Rob Tuttle demonstrated the numerous and relevant projects that his DDP & PLW classes produce using their Laser Engraver. They use a great mix of student driven projects along with providing signage service for their faculty, administration and the community. An outstanding example on how to promote your students and program. 

The last stop was at Matt Slauson's PLTW Lab. where he featured their "Mandolin Design & Manufacturing" program. Through the entire process, the students use the Laser Engraver to cut out parts, lamination of the neck, gluing and bracing, using the CNC Router to shape the neck, side bending and mass production to produce beautiful musical instruments.

KUDOS to the Skaneateles Technology & Engineering Department!
Fellowship, Food and Good Times at Red Rooster Pub!

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