Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NYSTEEA Website needs digital images & videos from YOU!

Chuck Goodwin & our Regional Vice President, Mike Barbieri are soliciting Technology Teachers across the state to gather and send digital images and video productions to be put on the state's website.

Recently during a  STTEA Region 43 meeting, They asked that the members there to forward any digital photos with accompanying text descriptions of what is going on in the picture.

Don Shultz of Owego Middle School (Owego, New York) sent, this AM, these 3 "brief You Tube videos showing a class wide culminating marble maze project.
As you can definitely see, in action, student design, team work,
subsystem integration, material fabrication, planning, and YES Engineering!!

It is a good beginning for NYSTEEA.org website material! 

CNYTEEA  members! Send in your video productions and photos to assist Chuck & Mike with this initiative!. They recommend, for the photos at least, that the teachers provide a release form signed by the parents.

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