Monday, November 7, 2011

CNYTEEA Tour @ Skaneateles C.S. WEDNESDAY ~ NOV. 9th

On Wednesday, November 9th @ 4pm, the Technology & Engineering Department of Skaneateles Central School will be presenting their programs. Representing the Skaneateles Technology & Engineering Education Program will be Scott Stagnitta (Middle School), Rob Tuttle (Middle & High School), and Matt Slauson (High School).

Rob Tuttle will be presenting the topic of using a Laser Engraver to enhance class projects in technology and engineering. They currently have a Universal Laser System M300 that they use in almost every High School, and even some of the Middle School classes.

Matthew Slauson will be presenting on how he uses musical instrument building in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing class as well as touch on the use of Arduino Microcontrollers.

One of the programs that we will be touring will be in Scott Stagnitta’s Middle School Technology Facility. His philosophy is that by introducing LEGO MINDSTORMS to your students, they will experience a fun, exciting, and practical application of math, science and technology. Solving the robotic challenges involves mechanical engineering, computer programming, problem solving, cooperative learning and communication skills. Projects can be adjusted as to the degree of difficulty and complexity to cater to students of all ability levels. There are many benefits to incorporating Lego Mindstorms into your middle school curriculum. By establishing robotics in your middle school program, it helps encourage students to go into robotics-related fields. It encourages girls to consider engineering as a career option or just taking a pre-engineering high school course or college credit course.

Scott will share some projects that he has accomplished using Lego Mindstorms.  A few key projects that he will present are the following: sumo wrestling robotics, maze-bot, robotic bowling (featured on the TV show Bridge Street on Channel 9), and a few others. Lego Robotics, will leave you with endless amount of projects that truly enhance your classroom and can make a huge impact with your students.      
We will start the tour at his school ~ Skaneateles Middle School at 4:00 pm
35 East Street, Skaneateles NY, 13152
Direction tips:
When you turn into the parking lot, take your first left and park down by the commons area ( other end of parking lot, huge glass windows). Enter commons area and go left,  go down the ramp and 2nd door on the left-hand side is the Technology Suite.

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