Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chris Hurd's Most Excellent Summer Vacation Adventure

In a recent e-mail, Cazenovia High School Technology Teacher & our 2011 "Teacher of the Year" sent this message:

For those of you who didn't know; sorry, it all happened pretty quickly, I am going to British Columbia to make some videos for PLTW CIM at a Mountain bike manufacturing facility called Straitline Components. Ever see "How It's Made" on the discovery channel? Just like that, except about Manufacturing Processes.

Below are the links to my blog on chrisandjim website and I hopefully will be updating it daily with pictures and video of the factory and processes that go on in it. My students are looking forward to the updates.

This is where I'll be adding updates:

This one explains what's going on:

I'm a little nervous, and very excited!

Feel free to pass this on and I will see you when I get back!

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