Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SURVEY SAYS: 2010-2011 CNYTEA & NYSTEA Membership

Membership in both our local and state was down this past year. Even though our CNY region had the largest NYSTEA membership in the state, our numbers were down. Nearly 20% of those that were not members selected that they missed the Steak Roast. Or they then got too busy with their school business that they never bothered to send the check. This is understandable, but this oversight cannot continue if we are to stay viable in the eyes of the Regents Board.

The encouraging bit of news is that almost all of those who did not join last year to plan on attending this fall's "75th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Steak Roast" on September 14th, 2011 AND do plan joining the local & state associations. We will be reminding eveyone with e-mails, the blog and we will send ONE LETTER (with membership form) in the mail during the summer. Being an optimist.... I do feel a slight pulse ;-)!

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