Saturday, March 12, 2011

NYSTEN ~ New York State Technology Education Network

by Mark Russell –Soule Road Middle School –Liverpool

The New York State Technology Education Network had a mission to integrate math, science and technology into activities, which were developed in 1994-1996 at Hofstra University. The NYSTEN (MST) enhancement was funded by a 1.6 million dollar National Science Foundation grant and 2.7 million in additional industrial matching funds. The project trained 94 math, science and technology teachers, who then conducted over 150 staff and community workshops. 

An implementation resource guide was developed which contained the MST integrated activities. The following laboratory based activities: Smart Dwelling, Filtering of Airborne Particles, Electronic Circuit Design/ Safety Light System and Designing Your Bedroom supported the technical areas of: computer control, bio-related technology, electronics and computer aided drawing and design respectively.

Quoting from the Implementation resource guide: “This teacher enhancement grant focuses on engineering problem solving, integrated mathematics, science and technology in the context of new pedagogical practices in cooperative learning, enfranchising women and minorities and authentic assessment.” NYSTEN was an excellent opportunity to get together with other leaders and professionals from all around New York State with a focus on improving technology education.

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