Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Message in Regards to the Proposed Mandate Relief from Clark Greene

Hello to all technology education teachers and friends of technology education:

Many of you have become concerned over the past days and weeks regarding a wave of significant, sometimes conflicting, and wildly varying information about the future of our discipline in New York. I and other members of the New York State Technology Education Association Executive Board have been closely monitoring the situation and separating out the rumors from fact. 

I am communicating to everyone now because now is time to act.  On Monday and Tuesday of next week, Commissioner of Education Steiner will present a package of 53 cost reduction items through mandate relief to the Board of Regents for consideration.  One of these items is the elimination of the mandate for technology education, family and consumer science, and library skills from the middle school.  NYSTEA has already communicated with the Commissioner and Regents.  Now is the time for you to contact your Regent(s) regarding this issue.

To help you, we have generated a number of items which are attached above.  They include a list of potential talking points for you to use in any personally generated communication, a 5 minute You Tube™ presentation by me that you can use with your students, parents, advocates for tech ed. etc, a sample letter, and a contact list for the Board of Regents.   I urge you to watch the You Tube presentation that can be found at 

It would help if you specifically sent communication via e-mail to the representative Regent in your area.  You can find the Regent for your area at:     By clicking on your region, you will find the Regent for that area.

Please keep the all e-mail and communication positive, check for grammar, and express ideas professionally.  There are some early and quiet indicators that many of the Regents are friends of ours and we simply need to cultivate that positive perception by acting professionally.  If we advocate for the positive things that technology education brings to students, I believe that we can emerge stronger than ever.  

Now let’s all get to work!

Thanks for all that you do for the students of NY through technology education.

Clark Greene
2010-2011 NYSTEA President

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