Sunday, March 13, 2011

CNYTEA Meeting/Tour at Liverpool High School ~ 3/9/11

Basic AutoCAD Program ~ presented by David Chartrand  dchartrand@liverpool.k12.ny
This presentation was designed for teachers interested in starting an AutoCAD course or whowant to update their curriculum to AutoCAD 2010. Each participant received a DVD that  contains several units of study including: Introduction to AutoCAD 2010, Starting a Drawing,  AutoCAD Drawing Aides, Drawing Tools, Coordinate Systems, Line Conventions, Layers, Annotations, and Layouts. Each unit includes a PowerPoint with objectives, quizzes, assignments and drawings to be completed. A grading rubric is also included. Anyone that did not make the meeting that would like a DVD may obtain one by contacting David.

USFIRST Robotics ~ presented by Todd Dischinger and Karin Dykeman 
Todd and Karin did a brief overview of USFIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and our national robotics team. The team was formed as a Club and is opento all students from grades 9-12. Students who join this club help design and construct, along with teachers and corporate volunteers, a radio controlled robot. The founder of the program is Dean Kamen creator of the Segway and DEKA Research and Development. For more information about USFIRST visit their website For more information about the Liverpool robotics program and possible corporate sponsorship in your area contact Todd.

Tormach CNC Milling Machine ~ presented by Eric Hubbard
Eric presented a brief overview of the capabilities of our new Tormach CNC Milling Machine and some of the projects he is currently working on with students. This machine is primarily    used for our CIM (Computer integrated Manufacturing) courses and for making parts for our national robotics team. The course exposes students to the fundamentals of computerized manufacturing technology, and allows them to use their computer solid modeling skills developed in Introduction to Engineering Design. Students also explore a variety of topics such as CNC equipment, CAM software, robotics, and flexible manufacturing systems. Students will use this software and equipment to produce actual models of their 3- D designs. Teachers interested in obtaining more information about the mill may visit the manufacturers website

Broadcasting Studio and Course Outline ~ presented by Sean Brown
As part of the tour Sean Brown gave an overview of our broadcasting facility and student work. The Broadcasting Technology course explores the evolution of the television industry   both on-air and behind the scenes. Students have an opportunity to discuss and create qualitymedia productions such as news and sports broadcasts. To accomplish this, the course emphasizes a hands-on approach in providing both in front of and behind the scenes camera experiences. The technical concepts covered include camera operation, video compositing,  production outlines, lighting, sound engineering, remote shooting, directing, anchoring, videography, and DVD authoring. Students also explore a variety of broadcasting careers such as on-air reporting, sportscasting, weathercasting, investigative reporting, and program hosting. Students who successfully master the content are eligible to help run the high school’'s TV channel “Liverpool Live” for the year. Broadcasts include morning announcements and major school events. For more information about the program you can contact Sean.

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