Monday, November 8, 2010

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Subscribe to an outstanding Technology Education resource (print & web) called Tech Directions. Many of you may already be subscribers, but if you're not... Have you renewed your subscription to Tech Directions for the school year? If not, do it today.

Here is the link to the November 10 issue of Digital techdirections
.  Remember the Digital issue has extended content beyond the print version of Tech Directions you receive in the mail!

All of our monthly specials listed below are contained on one webpage You can bookmark it and check back every month, knowing you will find the latest specials in one set location. 
Project Sale  Classroom Projects CD Clearance Sale -  $4.95!Our On-Demand Classroom Project Samplers on CD are being discontinued, so we need to clear out the remaining CDs we have in stock. Each CD contains three complete projects, a $20.85 value.
New Project – Teach Drafting Concepts with Students' Favorite Foods - Only $2.95
Students sometimes find some aspects of introductory drafting and design a bit boring, but you can make section and exploded views fun to learn with an activity in which they draw their favorite foods. 
Tech Directions Inventors Contest – Ideas must be received by January 31. 
We’ve just learned that famed professor and inventor Phineas T. Quirkbotham and his aspiring inventor nephew Thaddeus feel extremely concerned about the large number of people who end up homeless as a result of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and storms. The pro-fessor notes that millions can be displaced after each such incident, and, as a result, he and Thaddeus see an urgent need for effective and inexpensive portable emergency shelters that can provide basic protection against the elements and disease that often follow natural catastrophes.

They are committed to solving this problem and ask technology students to submit their own creative solutions. How would your students solve the challenge of providing temporary housing for displaced persons? To keep costs low, could they design emergency shelters that incorporate the use of recycled materials?
We also have information from a few of our advertisers:
NCCER is pleased to announce the release of Build Your Future 2010. Build Your Future is a fast-paced 15-minute video that brings construction into your classroom with craft professionals in action at exciting construction projects. Visit to see the video and find out how you can build yourfuture.
Cybershop ASE Prep Tests

Automotive, Advanced Engine Performance, Collision Repair and Refinish, Medium/Heavy Truck, thousands of questions.
Computer Based Testing (CBT) Software. Great addition to your existing ASE study guides and books. 
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