Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Message from Outgoing CNYTEA President ~ Joe Clayton

We had a very good meeting at the Phoenix VFW in September and a most interesting few words from Dr. Melvin,  Superintendent of North Syracuse Schools.  A very interesting video was shown that had been well received at the State Conference last spring in Poughkeepsie.  The disappointing part of our annual meeting was a very small turnout of only about 35 members.... 5 of which were from North Syracuse.  When I first attended this meeting in 1965 the room was over full with 125 teachers attending. We have been on a slow decline the past ten years both at the local and state level, this needs to be changed!

I’m not sure what this means, but without a voice in Albany I do not see it as good for our cause. So-be-it as it may, the people who need to run and this organization and is members are the practicing teachers in the profession. I will continue along with Mo Lepine to run the organization until the December meeting when it has been our custom to elect new officers. Mo is doing a great job reaching out to you all and has developed several ways to do so.  We need all of you as members and need to stand united in these times of tight budgets and program cutting.  We also need to decide if we wish to celebrate our 75th Anniversary next spring, but we need a good turnout to make it worth the effort.

Sincerely, OLD JOE

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