Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CNYTEA Teacher of the Year & Program of the Year Nominations

One of the most important tasks that our organization has each year is to select and honor well deserving teachers and programs. As school districts struggle to economize their budgets and seek out justifications for cutting staff and programs, recognition and awards for individual teachers and programs can make the difference in whether a hard working teacher keeps their job or a vibrant program stays. IT IS OUR DUTY TO NOMINATE AND SELECT DESERVING TEACHERS AND PROGRAMS!

With that stated, PLEASE take a few moments and reflect about some of your colleagues that you feel deserve to be recognized and honored. Since this is late in the game to do this kind of thing, here is how I would like to conduct this nomination and voting process:

• e-mail me(mlepine@bville.org)with the name & school of your choices (Teacher and Program)
FYI - These are two separate awards so your nominations can be for different people/schools.

• I will then post the nominations and create an on-line blog voting booth and will send out
an e-mail inviting all to vote within a set time limit (two weeks).

• I will then tally the results and will post the winners on this blog. I'd like this process done by late February.

• The winning Program of the Year will be asked to host a meeting/tour at their school in March and both awards will be given at that time. The Teacher of the Year will also be encouraged to attend the NYSTEA Spring Conference to be recognized at the State Level.

HOWEVER.... Keep in mind.... the winning teachers and teachers from winning programs MUST BE CNYTEA & NYSTEA members! So please encourage them to join!
$50.00 for NYSTEA & $20 for CNYTEA
Go to this link to join: http://www.nystea.com/content/join-nystea

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