Sunday, March 4, 2012

Opportunities to Inspire Students

March approaches and with it come THREE great opportunities to inspire young people. Every year we find that the most powerful experience at the science fair is judge interviews. Your personal interest in what student do, what they learn, and what they hope to do next – it is that human connection that enable science fairs to encourage and affirm kids who are making good choices!

Wednesday, March 14
SUNY ESF Environmental Challenge at ESF and the Carrier Dome

Sunday, March 18
Ying TRSEF at OCC’s Gordon Student Center

Sunday, March 25
GSSSF at the OnCenter

Judging is a treat for YOU, too – the days of baking soda volcanoes are long gone. For example, the March 18th fair will include:
Can the Dung Beetle Make a Home in Space?
Fly Fishing on My Home Waters
Waste Oil Burner (the student has welded his own test equipment!)
Ribosomal Proteins S7 and S11: An Interaction with Evolutionary Significance
Comparative Analysis of a Natural, Established Vernal Pool to a Man-Made Vernal Pool in its First Season
Eyewitness Recognition of Faces with Hoodies or Sunglasses
The Effect of Sisal Twine Fibers on Compressive and Tensile Strength of Concrete
The Effects of Stretching on Lower Leg Muscle Balance
An Analysis of Ribosomal Protein S16 and the Evolution of the Ribosome
Effect of Lure Presentation Speed on Male Pumpkinseed Reproductive Success
Aerodynamics and Flight Trajectory Calculator
Improving the Accuracy of Radiation Dose by Predicting the Rate at which Water Equilibrates with Room Temperature
Green Fit Energy Bike Project
M&Ms® to Dye For: What artificial food dyes are in different colors of M&M® candies?

Thank you all for your help!
Mary Eileen

Mary Eileen Wood, Director Ying TRSEF
Member International Advisory Council ISEF
Dr. Nelson Ying Tri Region Science and Engineering Fair
604 Walberta Rd, Syracuse NY 13219

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