Tuesday, March 27, 2012

North Country Colleague looking for guidance & info on the APPR pre-assessment in Technology Education

My friend and fellow Technology Education Teacher, Kevin McBath kmcbath@twcny.rr.com
 recently sent me an e-mail in regards to the upcoming APPR evaluations...

“…I am dropping you a quick line to see what your school and schools in your area are doing next year for the APPR pre-assessment in Tech?  I am on our district negotiation team that just finished the general language. However we had a staff development day on Friday where all of the Tech teachers in the area got together with the purpose of coming up with a pre-assessment tool for our courses.  As you know our state standards are so vague that any tech teacher could can make an activity fit the standards.  BOCES was driving this workshop and they wanted a regional tool.”
I know that there are individuals that are review this blog that give Kevin a more direct answer than myself. Please feel free to send Kevin and myself an e-mail response. I can then post any relevant information on my next blog post to be shared.

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