Monday, October 3, 2011

CNYTEEA & local NYSTEEA membership rises for 2011~2012

Coming off the great success of our "75th Celebration" is the definite increase in our local and state membership. CNYTEEA Treasurer for Life, (and our Teacher of the Year) Paul Mizer, sent these numbers on our current membership. They are definitely a huge improvement from previous years, but there are many of you that read this blog that have not join our membership. I highly recommend that you do! Invest in your career and our discipline's future. It is never too late to send the check and membership form.

44 active NYSTEEA members
17 retired NYSTEEA members
56 active CNYTEEA members
29 retired CNYTEEA members
3 student CNYTEEA members
9 ITEA members

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