Monday, October 3, 2011

Bringing EbD into New York State ~ from Chuck Goodwin

 If you would like to support this effort, please click & printout complete the above form and mail it to              Chuck Goodwin (12 Tudor Drive, Endicott, NY 13760)

Re: Engineering by Design (EbD)

Please make copies of the attached one page doc. (purpose to build support for bringing EbD Curricula into NYS) and distribute during any Regional Assoc. or department Meetings that you attend. Then if you would, please collect them and mail the forms back to me. My address can be found below.

No one should be concerned about signing this doc.  It is purely for each individual to
show their support for ANY teachers and their respective schools, that would ultimately desire EbD  and
for them to gain access to this up to date EbD curricula (FREE) in N.Y.S.  The information will be shared within an
extremely small group of folks.  The EbD fee of $23,990.00, for each of the first three years, is the total amount needed for the entire state and NOT for individual school districts.

Schools that have PLTW, SCANTEK, and other vendor based programs that are happy with or do not want to change
will NOT be expected to deliver this EbD curricula. Many schools that cannot afford PLTW or Scantek and others..can
upon acceptance, have access to the up to date EbD curricula, online standards based pre and post tests and eventually professional development.

Additional EbD Curricula Info can be obtained at

If you have any questions or concerns, then for sure please contact me at your earliest convenience.

This is important work to get up to date curricula into the hands of our NYS tech. ed. teachers that want it or need it.

Thanks for your support with this important effort. Engineering by Design (developed by Technology and Engineering
Educators and professors across the country) has the full endorsement of NYSTEEA.

Best to All,


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