Monday, April 18, 2011

Oswegatchie Camp ~ August 7 - 12th for any interested Teacher & Students

I have been associated with Oswegatchie Camp for most of my life... as a camper, counselor, Videographer and as the Camp Director. In the past few summers I have been bringing an average of 65 - 75 students from Baldwinsville for a week of summer camp. This year I have reserved two 65 passenger tour buses from Caz Limo and I'd like to fill them both up. 

If you think that you may have some students that might be interested or your own children are between grades 6 - 11... I invite you to come along with my Baldwinsville group! The buses will be leaving Ray Middle School at 9:00 am Sunday, August 7th and will return back to the school on Friday, August 12th approximately 1:00 pm. The cost for the entire camping week and the tour bus transportation is just $320.00 if paid in full by June 1st. My Technology Class Blog has all the details on the trip and how to register. 

I have all the promotional media (DVD & flyers) and all the registration will be through me at my school so please e-mail me if you have any further questions:

As you watch the short video... you can see that the camp is a beautiful place and a lot of fun. If you are interested in coming up for the week....  teachers have free room and board but are expected to put in a few hours of camp projects such as construction of new cabins, restoration of a log cabin, and last summer we worked with a portable saw mill and processed lumber! There is also plenty of time to enjoy the camp's recreational activities or just relax and enjoy nature! My sister, Denise Krohn, also brings her students from Amsterdam too!

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