Monday, April 18, 2011

CNYTEA wishes Marty Collins a speedy recovery!

This past Friday morning, recently retired Durgee Jr. High Technology Teacher, Marty Collins, had extensive surgery on his damaged rotator cuff. Two of the four muscles were completely disrupted and distended and had to be pulled back more than one inch. His third muscle was damaged and repaired and some bone spurs were shaved off the bone as well.  Marty said that everyone at the surgery center was incredible and that his doctor, Dr. Smart, is optimistic for a complete recovery!

Marty is now at home, but is still in a lot of pain.  I believe that he would appreciate well wishes via e-mail  and any DVD movies or shop safety films or the like as he convalesces! 

For those who don't know Marty, he is one of the driving forces that has kept our association intact for the past 20 or more years and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He was the CNYTEA President in the 80's and has been hosting the "CNYTEA Year End Picnic" for many years. Let us all send him our well wishes and positive healing vibes! 

He is planning on being ready and able to host the up-coming "CNYTEA Year End Picnic" at his home in Plainville, NY on Wednesday, May 18th @ 4:00 pm. I'm sure we will all pitch in to assist Marty in the preparation and the BBQing on that day! 

With Marty's condition in mind and to assist us to assist him in the preparations. PLEASE RSVP to Marty or myself so that we can plan on the amount of food that needs to be prepared. 

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