Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update on Facilities Planning

I tracked down the info you were looking for from Greg Montague the current/retired Facilities Chair. Cheers, Bob Tufte ~ RTufte1@aol.com
1. New York State Education Department doesn't have "requirements", they have guidelines.  These guidelines are found in the NYSED Facilities Planning Guide for State Aid and they basically state that a technology room (Industrial Arts) should provide 75 sq. ft. per student with a maximum of 24 students.  This again is a guideline and the Facilities Guide is used for planning new construction and aid reimbursement.
2. NYSTEA recommends 100 sq ft per student and ITEEA recommends 125 sq ft per student.

What I did when I started on this committee was work with Mike Hacker and then Eric Suhr to compile the best of the recommendations.    Pennsylvania had some of the better guidelines.  The problem, as I mentioned before, is that all of these are all guidelines not regulations.  We have had issues where some technology classes grew to 35 students in a facility designed for 16 - 20 students.  A letter was sent via sign-receipt mail to the superintendent of that district notifying them of the recommendations and expressing concern for the safety of the students based upon the recomemnded guidelines.   It was basically implied that the letter would  evidence that they had been informed of the safety concern if anything should ever happened.  In both instances when this was done this the class sizes were reduced.

I am attaching a couple documents for you to see.

Our NYSTEA Facilities Guide
2. NYSED Facilities Planning Document

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