Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Regents Exploring Mandate Relief ~ TIME FOR ACTION!

Truly we have a bleak economic picture across the state and there are various groups, including our new governor, calling for MANDATE RELIEF. There are supposedly106 Unfunded mandates piled on schools, so everyone is screaming for mandate relief.

The Board of Regents met yesterday and began discussions over mandate relief. NYS has a very stringent special education mandate and there is talk that NYS will consider falling back to the federal level, which has far less stringent requirements. Yes technology education was brought up and at least two regents raised important concerns.

Regent Tisch felt there are a number of concerning mixed messages flying around, with cutting instructional mandates (for the sake of saving money, etc…) and the important role tech. ed. plays in STEM and CTE, etc...

Regent Phillips brought up.......we'ren't we here 10 years ago (actually it was seven - 2004- with Mandate Relief) so why are we here again now? or something to that effect.  A more accurate report will be put together soon. The Regents did meet today (Tuesday).

NYSTEA is now engaging in a letter writing and outreach campaign with the Board of  Regents.

Today NYSTEA has far fewer resources to fight the good fight. NYSTEA Membership is at historic lows, which means our funding to act is at historic lows. How can every tech. ed. teacher help? If you haven't already joined you absolutely need to! You need to be counted as a member and your dues money will help NYSTEA in numerous take action capacities.

NYSTEA is an ALL VOLUNTEER group and we are the ONLY LINE OF DEFENSE for tech. ed. teachers and their programs with the Commissioner, the Board of Regents and NYS Legislators. This moment in time demands that we all join together to get our message across and convey the positive value of what technology education adds for student learning. For everyone of us the stakes could NOT be HIGHER!! We are at a cross road where tech ed. could be eliminated or it could be more strongly embraced at the MS and HS levels. Are we all ready to join the fight?

Charles H. Goodwin, DTE
N.Y.S. Technology Education Association
Chairperson-NYSTEA Advisory Council
12 Tudor Drive
Endicott, New York  13760-4332
Council # - 607-785-1680
Mobile #   - 484-885-0045

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