Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEXT CNYTEEA Tour: Cicero North Syracuse Technology Education Program

When: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11th @ 4:00 pm

Where: Cicero North Syracuse High School

The Cicero North Syracuse Technology Education Department will demonstrate their efforts to tie in their engineering classes and students with the traditional shop classes. The tour will start in their Engineering Lab and highlight a project that has been ongoing that deals with alternative energy. They will also highlight the engineering classes that are offered at the high school.

Jason Fabian will show highlights of what he is doing in the wood shop. Then the
tour will take the group into their Metals Lab where they do most of the building of the competition vehicles. This year they are building a third vehicle that will be competing in Houston, Texas with the Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicle.

The address of the school is

Martin Miner ~ Department Chair, Engineering, CAD, & Metals, Engineering Club advisor
Chris Hawkins ~ Automotive, Transportation & Drafting
Jason Fabian ~ Woods, Carpentry & Engineering
Brad Hartstein (.4) ~ Engineering, Welding, Electricity
Luke Morse (.2) ~  Welding

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  1. Physics was one of Carpenter’s favorite classes in high school and when she made the decision to teach her rationale was “why not teach your favorite class?”

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