Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great example of Design, Drawing for Production

For those DDP, PLW & teachers of design, a friend forwarded me an e-mail they received from a friend. Their college aged son is at a local college studying design. "....Derek and a classmate have designed a new accessory for iPhone and smart phone users. As part of a class assignment it was accepted for funding at Kickstarter and has launched the campaign today. I wanted all of you to know and to see the product, so I've attached the link to it below:

Check it out...if it looks good and you feel you can/want to- pledge a little to show support- great. Or just spread the word to your friends and iPhone users to see if it's a product they want.

It's gotten great buzz and encouragement from the professors at the design school and some high tech professionals who have seen the video.
The factory in China is ready to make them, so if this funding launch works out the Tidytilts will be available early in 2012."

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